Veterans Strike Force (VSF), a volunteer organization, is headquartered at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. Our motto is “Vets Helping Vets.” Incorporated May 2000 in the state of Illinois, VSF is quickly growing and currently comprises membership of more than 1500 veterans. Our ultimate goal is to expand the services we provide on a national basis.

Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Volunteer services at VA hospitals.
  • Advocating for veterans’ benefits.
  • Housing, employment, and education program referrals.

Veterans Strike Force provides veterans and their families with general information and guidance on maneuvering through the complex VA system. We work closely with national veterans service organizations and with city, county and state entities to ensure veterans receive representation and required assistance.

Veterans Strike Force works closely with homeless veterans and their families. By continuously being a voice for those less fortunate, we advocate for the necessary tools and resources to ensure these veterans become self-supporting members of the community.

Although we are veterans helping veterans, we adamantly support the efforts of our active-duty military counterparts and remain available to those returning veterans attempting to access the VA system.

We Are Truly Focused on the Plight of the Veterans

This Is Our Mission!



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